A Dash of Motivation, With a Twist

Today, I am the Lioness.  I am ready to roar, and not take any shit from anybody.

Today, I sit in wonderment at the energy that anger holds, and how it motivates me.  Madly, motivates me.  Intensely and expressively motivates me to...to....


For in that anger, in that madness, lies a whole lotta truth, about me.  And I can't blame anyone for how I feel - not as the "Self-Engaged Girl."

For what I discovered - because, yes, truth does illuminate itself in these moments, when I allow for it - is, I am the cause of my own madness.  I am the source of the rage, of the resentment, of the disappointment and resentment.  I am the only reason why I am mad.  And what is that reason?

I did not take 100% responsibility for my OWN life. 

And I got myself into a 'pickle.'  And I expected other people - nay, TRUSTED them - to get me out.  Of something I totally created myself.

My creation; my mess; my bad.  MY bad.  No one else is responsible.  Only me.

So, I'm pissed at me.  I'm raging at me.  But as a result, I'm bloody motivated as well!

I'm aligning with my life course, resetting my compass, and re-engaging with the responsibility that lays with me. 

And that feels damn good.

Anyone else feel like joining me? 

Onward ho!