Bumps on the road to Self-Marriage


There are multiple things in life that help to bring us into a greater state of self-marriage and none-so-powerful as the 'bumps' along the way.

I like to see these events as a 'bumping into ourselves' and a shake-up of our reality into a more aligned state with who we are.

It has come to my awareness that whenever I have bumped into myself, it has mostly been in a relationship-type situation or scenario, where I am shown something about myself that I either

  • never had an awareness of before;
  • was avoiding seeing or realizing (for both positive or non-positive reasons), or
  • never knew I ever cared about.

After I hit the bump, I then have a choice to either stay put, back away, turn around or, ideally, go over it.  Recognizing all the while what it is I'm doing, what this bump is trying to teach me, and where to go from that point.

I have to admit that my life with Steve, as well as with my daughter and granddaughter, has brought me more bumps than I could have ever imagined in one lifetime.  And though I would always project the negative feelings back onto (particular) Steve (because of our intimate relationship) as a result, I eventually became clear that none of it - really - had anything to do with him, and it was ultimately all about the 'inner-standing' of myself.

Taking this awareness into my everyday life has been both extremely challenging and immensely rewarding at the same time.

Wow, how do I love those bumps now!  

Let the bumps teach you.  They are only trying to get our attention, and teach us about us, so we can love ourselves more.

Let's all be loving towards ourselves today, and make this a better world as a result.

Onward ho!