The Self-Marriage Journey

Self-marriage, on it's own, is very much individually defined -- independently, by each person wishing to undertake it.  

It is our belief that it is not only a unique experience but, truly, a 'rite-of-passage' for those choosing to become 'engaged' with all aspects of themselves.  Our take on the process is that, once the choice is made to experience this rite-of-passage, the individual then commits themselves to the continued self-engagement process -- even while being in an intimate relationship with another.

It is our belief that self-marriage is the (optional) end result of a one-year process of true engagement and union with the Self, with the ultimate goal being complete intimacy with ones’ self.

This process is a ‘journey of honouring’ that anyone can undertake - regardless of age, current relationship status, or religion.

Being engaged with ones’ self means:

  • an investment of time, focus and energy on getting to know the authentic ‘you;’
  • discovering all the intimate details of who you are; and,
  • supporting yourself in becoming the greatest expression of your fullest potential. 

Committing to this process is an act of dedication and devotion to Self, sourced from a place of self-love.

Are you ready to commit to you?



Read about the Self-Marriage founders personal reasons as to the importance of taking the Self-Marriage journey.

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