Discovery Call with Steve and/or Sue


Discovery Call with Steve and/or Sue


Want to know if you'd be a good fit for the Self-Engagement/Self-Marriage programs BEFORE you make the investment of time and money?  Book a Discovery Call!

As time is so valuable - both yours and the facilitators - a $20.00 fee is attached to the 1-hour call to minimize the number of no-shows.  You know, the people (not you, of course) who book a free call and don't make the effort to show up. 

This fee is to honor both you and the facilitators, and the one-hour will be a priceless investment in YOU!

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Are you curious about what's involved in becoming 'self-engaged?' Are you wondering if the concept of 'self-marriage' is a good idea for you?

Feeling out the idea, by sharing your story with Steve and Sue, will help in determining if this lifestyle change is your next step. 

Steve and Sue create a completely safe and confidential environment where you are free to share whatever you feel you'd like to in order to gain clarity in this potential decision. 

We would love to have you chat with us for an hour to find out.