I can’t commit to someone else unless I commit to myself first.
— Susan Le Clair


Self-marriage is a rite-of-passage for those choosing to become “engaged” with all aspects of themselves, firstly, and then commit to the continued self-engagement process even while in intimate relationship with others.

Self-marriage is the (optional) end result of a one-year process of true engagement and union with the Self, with the ultimate goal being complete intimacy with ones’ self.

This process is an ‘journey of honouring’ that anyone can undertake, regardless of their age, current relationship status, or religion.

Being engaged with ones’ self means an investment of time, focus and energy on getting to know the authentic ‘you,’ discovering all the intimate details of who you are, and supporting yourself in becoming the greatest expression of your fullest potential. 

Committing to this process is an act of dedication and devotion to Self, sourced from a place of self-love.

Are you ready to commit to you?