Why Be Self-Married?

The ongoing process of self-engagement and self-marriage can restore to you the unlimited potential of your self that is your birthright. As a child you had the potential to be anything you dreamed of but as you grew up the process of enculturation largely limited your options resulting in a very narrow viewpoint upon which to act. If you are living your life according to other peoples beliefs, opinions, judgements, etc., then will you ever achieve your full potential? 

The Self-Marriage program can help you open up and expand into your own unique potential, leading to greater self-love; deeper and more loving relationships; and, a self-actualized life. 

A Few of Steve's Reasons For Being Self-Married
  • I now have profoundly deep, meaningful, and loving relationships with others based on truth, honesty, transparency, and trust. I no longer have to hide aspects of myself out of fear
  • I no longer have to project my issues onto others as I know that whatever comes up is really about me and can only be changed by going into myself and finding the source of my pain. I see through the illusion of it.
  • Peace, calm, and self-assurance that goes along with having a sense of deep, unconditional self-love. By loving myself first and foremost I am no longer dependent on other people to provide the love I once was lacking within myself. Lack of love for myself led me to lie, manipulate, control, deflect and fight in order to get and keep the love I craved.
  • A gratifying sense of passion and purpose that comes from being a indomitable leader of myself rather than a follower of others. I never knew myself until I turned my focus inward and started seeing, hearing, and following what I knew to be true for me
  • A radical body, mind, and spiritual transformation that has occurred by having a complete willingness to face all aspects of myself. liberation from pain and suffering happened after I stopped looking outside of myself for answers and solutions. I discovered that the only way out was to go in.


A Few of Sue's Reasons For Being Self-Married

As someone who still considers herself more 'self-engaged' than self-married, the reasons she would want to shift would be:

  • To KNOW that she is fully committed to herself in each moment, no matter what relationship she is dealing with at the time
  • To saying YES to her own life, even when others want her to live one of THEIR choosing
  • To rekindle the SPARK once held inside, that held so many possibilities and hope
  • To still give as the giver she is, but from a clean place with strong boundaries


They both agree that it is a remarkable journey, and if guided to embark on it, to not hesitate.  It's SO worth it!