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Sue & Steve have been in each other's lives for over 16 years, and have co-created the self-engagement and self-marriage content from their own relationship and life experiences.  Here's more about each one of them.




Steve is!  No labels are required, no preconceived notions are necessary.  What you perceive him to be is your business – not his.  He lives his life here, in this reality, from moment to moment, excitedly exploring what it means to be alive and pushing the boundaries of consciousness.  As Sue, his long suffering soul mate, can attest, he is an embodiment of the self-marriage principles and, thus, is difficult to live with at times.


Sue has been a counsellor since the age of 5.  Using her empathic abilities and her vast spiritual and intuitive training, she holds the space for people to go into their most vulnerable places.  Though her career path has taken her into many different work environments, her natural abilities, passion and purpose is to assist others in becoming whole with themselves.

She considers herself 'self-engaged' at this time, with bouts of "ignoring her own needs to be of service to others."  Because of this, she is well-aware of the pitfalls of loving others ahead of ones' self, and the physical, emotional and financial ramifications of that.

She has been writing about her personal journey, living as a co-dependent person in relationship with a self-married partner, and will be sharing this material in an upcoming e-book, Life With Steve, to be published in early 2017.